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Resisted temptation and added $70 to savings

May 17th, 2008 at 10:27 am

There are two special purchases at Aldi that I've been itching to buy--a paper cutter for $20 and a metal detector for $50.

I decided today that if I could dig up the money to pay for them somehow, then I could just as well afford to move the money into savings instead. I've already spent quite a bit this spring, and our emergency account balances are low.

Still, I always find it hard to put money aside for vague reasons like "emergencies." Maybe playing mind games with myself like this is the only way to get it done.

3 Responses to “Resisted temptation and added $70 to savings”

  1. ZenQueen50 Says:

    WTG!! It's pretty much like what I am trying to do when I go to work [at Cracker Barrel]. I work on tampering the urge to buy STUFF.....stuff I simply do not need.

    I think it's a really good idea to move the money into savings. I am almost tempted to carry around a small spiral notebook in my apron pocket, and anytime I feel the urge to get something, I write it down in my little notebook - item and price. If I am able to come up with the money to buy, I am able to also sock it away.

    Thanks! And keep up the great work. Smile

  2. klbb90 Says:

    Congrats! You made the right choice.

  3. koppur Says:

    great job! Smile

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