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July 27th, 2007 at 05:53 am

That would be Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Wikipedia says it's an advertising term, but what I'm feeling is about DH's job and our finances.

His company has been sold, and so far DH and his coworkers have good feelings about the change. They are encouraging all employees to stay, and they have more generous sick and vacation policies. However, I'm antsy to know what the health insurance situation is going to be.

They have several Blue Cross plans to choose from, but not the cheap High Deductible/Health Savings Plan combo we have now. DH has no idea yet whether it's fully paid for by the company, or whether he has to kick in, and how much.

We could be looking at substantially higher or lower take-home pay. It could mean moving ahead on goals faster than we'd thought, or having to cut our Emergency Fund and New Car Fund savings down to a trickle. As it is, we really need to buy some life insurance on him, as the new company-provided policy will be half what it was.

I'm glad it looks like he still has a job. I'm glad we have no cc debt left. I'm glad we have enough in the HSA to cover the dental work DH is in the middle of. But I still can't help being nervous!

5 Responses to “FUD”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Yes, that is nerve-wracking. It's good you have no debt and have an HSA in place.

  2. baselle Says:

    That is nerve racking. In my poorer days, I said to myself, "what will I do if?" and let my mind really think about all the contingencies and mentally follow the plans out. Many times the worry is about the unknown. If you plan for the unknown, its a little less worrisome.

  3. JanH Says:

    We've been through this, too. I totally understand your nerves! Hope everything comes out positive in the end. Keep us posted.

  4. fern Says:

    I understand your concerns, but please try not to spend too much negative energy worrying without knowing anything for sure.

    It could be better news than you anticipate. Hang tight.

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