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Aldi diet starts today

May 1st, 2007 at 09:04 am

I just got back from the doc, and have some additional motivation. My blood pressure has gone up a bit, and he's talking about increasing the dosage of my medication--the pill I want to get off of altogether because I'm tired of running to the bathroom!

I have a 6-week reprieve to see if I can lower it by losing weight, watching salt, and exercising. I asked the doc, of his patients who have lost weight successfully, what did they do? What's the common denominator? His answer--Weight Watchers. I asked him for a note of "medical necessity" so I can use HSA money for Weight Watchers fees. I guess I'll give it another try.

On the good side, my blood work was fine. Total cholesterol under 200, and HDL 50. At least he was happy about something!

Stopped at a different Aldi on my way home, to see if they had anything different from mine. I scored some sugar free Mystic mints--my usual store only has the sugar free gum.

1 Responses to “Aldi diet starts today”

  1. ktmarvels Says:

    Weight watchers is a great program. I've done it several different times and had good results. I mostly did it during summer breaks at college when I was home and my mom was doing it too. When I was at school I wasn't as motivated, but a lot of the information stuck with me... I still sometimes think of food in terms of points.

    A note of caution though, I have heard of people who felt deprived on WW and were hungry all of the time. Most of the time these were people who tried to fit their normal (unhealthy) eating habits into the points program...doesn't work well. It's much better to count the points AND make an effort to chose healthy foods to eat, which it sounds like you are doing. Good Luck!

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