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Turned 50, have meal moths

January 5th, 2007 at 06:01 am

The good new is--I went straight over to Commerce to switch our account to the 50+ Club. Free checks, free or reduced fees on some misc. services, and interest checking that's currently paying 1/10 of 1%. (Not kidding!) Also, your safe deposit box is supposed to be free the first year and then 1/2 price thereafter. A nice little perk for getting old. Wink

The bad news is, we seem to have meal moths in our pantry closet. They must have come in with something new, because I've had a stockpile of grain products going for years with no problems til now.

If I didn't have such a big stockpile, the problem wouldn't seem so overwhelming. But from what I've read, the moths and larvae (meal worms, basically) can be in brand-new sealed packages. They can eat through plastic bags. You basically have to go through every package in your house, looking for the main infestation, and get rid of it asap. Cereal, cake mix, dry pet food, rice, etc. Even things that look ok could have eggs in them, that you can kill by freezing the food. But do I really want to eat a cake made from a mix with possible dead moth eggs in it?

The whole thing is creeping me out, OTOH it's really difficult to just throw all this stuff out. Even though I bought most of it very cheap.

Anybody else have experience with this?

7 Responses to “Turned 50, have meal moths”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Something good to do is to put a BAY LEAF in your goods. Somehow, bugs won't go near it. Try it and see if it works. I do this with the flour as well.

  2. fern Says:

    I have had them from time to time and yes, i did find i had to throw everything out that wasn't already in a tupperware container. They're disgusting. There are traps you can buy for them. Also, i would find a few perched on the ceiling.

  3. fern Says:


  4. robex Says:

    Yuck! We had them last year and I through out pretty much everything in the cupboard. I bleached the lazy susan, inside the cupboards and all around the floors. Luckily, we caught it really early...I think they came in on an (unopened) bag of cornmeal that I had bought the week before. Good luck!

  5. janH Says:

    Happy Birthday! I didn't know that the discounts and stuff start at 50. I'm not too far away! Something else to look forward to. Good luck on your bugs. We get ants--everywhere.

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    We had it once, so now I keep everything in tupperware containers and glass jars. I just pop a cake mix into a sealed container, cut out the instructions and tape them to the lid or insert them in the container if there is room. I do this with everything, flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa unless it comes in a tin, cornmeal, cereal (I cut out the nutrition panel and tape it to the container). I have not had an infestation in 4 years since doing this. If you do put stuff in containers, use something with a tight fitting lid as they can get into something like a margerine or coolwhip container that doesn't seal well.

  7. debtfreeme Says:

    you can also freeze flour and such products to keep this frol happening.

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