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Homeowner's bill paid--progress over recent years

August 16th, 2006 at 06:27 am

I just paid our homeowner's insurance bill, in full, a month early.

In 2004, I paid in full but just in time. I had to visit the insurance office in person to pay it the day before it was due, so it wouldn't be late.

In 2005, I had to break it up into three installments because I couldn't afford to pay it all at once.

In addition, back in September 2005 our total credit card debt had jumped back up to $4527 due to some car repair bills. Today it is $1400.

Some definite progress.

(BTW, the homeowner's didn't actually go up $71. The total I saw online included installment fees that I won't have to pay now.)

2 Responses to “Homeowner's bill paid--progress over recent years”

  1. daybyday Says:

    That's wonderful progress. Good for you! I would love to do this too and eliminate the installment fees!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Since you didn't have to pay the $71 it is like getting a discount for being in control of your money. Way to go!!!

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