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Homeowner's insurance up by $71

August 11th, 2006 at 06:23 am

And last month I found out our property taxes were going up about $75 a quarter, or $300 a year. That makes $371 a year more that needs to be going into our ING account for house expenses, or about another $7 a week.

I'm not prepared to shop around for homeowner's insurance again this year. We are getting a discount on car insurance because we now have both with the same company. And I already raised our homeowner's deductible last year to as high as I'm comfortable with. Also, there's the hassle of having an inspector come out and take pictures of the house for a new policy. So I'll just bite the bullet and pay.

$7 a week x 4.3 weeks in a month is $30, which means that the $60 a month I thought could go into our discretionary spending account has just been cut to $30. So our spending on extras will now be even more dependent on any extra income I can scrounge up. Or, finding other categories to trim. Gotta get psyched!

3 Responses to “Homeowner's insurance up by $71”

  1. fern Says:

    I agree not much more you can do on the homeowners end (altho i never had an inspector look at the house in person), but have you done everything to lower the price of your car insurance?

    Many insurers offer save driving course you do from home; mine saves me 10% for 3 years, then i have to take the course again. Are you getting all the credits you're entitled to for passive restraints, anti lock brakes, alarm system, etc?

    i also saved a bundle when i dropped collision/comp on my '99 car. i pay about $500 a year now.

  2. Aleta Says:

    I live in South Florida , with the inflated real estate market, extemely high homeowner's rates because of hurricanes and it just keeps going up. Our problem is that we can't shop for rates because so many are pulling out. Also, I would love to leave the area, but then I would lose my tax base and start paying higher property taxes on the new amount. We're all in quite a pckle now. I have recently seen people that are showing uo in meetings and really protesting about the unfair increases that we're all having to pay because of an inflated market.

    I just read All Your Worth and there's no way we can fit in the 50% must have bracket. My husband is self-employed, 58, and we have private health insurance at the rate of $1103. a month with no co-pays. Any advice here?

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Our home owner's insurance quadrupled 3 years ago. Did we make a claim? No. Did we do anything at all different? No. Our zip code changed. We didn't move. The house was still physically in the same place, but because we were now part of city A instead of city B, our rates went up. Technically, we don't live in either city A or city B we live in an unincorporated almost town 5 miles from one post office and 10 miles from the other one. We are very rural. Who's going to rob us? The cows? horses? chickens? I tried to argue it out but no go. City B had a higher crime rate. We do get a discount for having a whole house alarm system, though.

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