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Yikes! At least I don't spend this much!

July 14th, 2006 at 05:35 am

I was googling around, looking up clothing budget suggestions to try and figure out what is reasonable for us. I came across this thread in the forum at Lucky magazine, which admittedly is all about shopping.

Text is boards.luckymag.com/message.jspa?messageID=46206 and Link is

The amounts discussed are astounding, even to me. Only one person admitted to spending less than $500 a year. One person mentioned $7000! One entry, in particular, blew me away.

"Being a grad student, I think that I have been spending probably $1200-$1500 a year. The reasons for this are due to my budget, lack of closet space, and also because I don't need very many things - I can dress casually most days. However, I anticipate that once I complete my degree and enter the working world, my budget will go up more in the first year because I will be buying better quality clothing for work, plus I'll have the salary to match (hopefully closet size will increase too)."

When I was a grad student, I was working 3 part-time jobs, borrowing money left and right just to survive, and living in a pretty disgusting apartment, complete with raccoons living in the wall! Who ARE these people?

6 Responses to “Yikes! At least I don't spend this much!”

  1. princessperky Says:

    Wow, I can't imagine what I would do with all that money in clothes...

  2. retire@50 Says:

    I agree. I always find it totally amazing to hear what some people consider 'reasonable' for food, clothing and entertainment.

  3. sakigt Says:

    $1500 a year? I wish!

  4. miclason Says:

    LOL! I recently redid our budget to include clothing for Ale and I and, I budgeted $200/year for both of us (mostly for Ale, because she's growing...I'm only growing sideways, and I shouldn't be!)...and even THAT seemed very high to me!!
    Now that I think about it, back when I was married, I was spending about $800 a year in clothes just for myself (we liked to splurge and, DH was a fashionista, no way HIS wife was going in outdated styles!...but then, our life together was so empty, we definetely needed SOMETHING to fill it!)

  5. elgin526 Says:

    I work in an office and I spend *maybe* $700 a year on clothes, I think it's less but I'd have to go and add it up so I'll use a higher number. I buy clasic style clothes that I can wear all year round and for several years, not the latest thing off the run-way that's "out" two months after I bought it. Even my evening gowns (I attend several black tie affairs each year) I re-wear (not to mention buying them off the clearance rack!). I buy quality clothing that can hold up for years, and pay full price for nothing. I also am not a shoe fiend. I own, including dress shoes and summer sandles, 6 pairs.

    DH works as a printing press operator and needs no clothes for work at all, other than steel toe work boots so he spends maybe $200 a year on clothes, and that's just to replace stuff that's worn out (socks, jeans, t-shirts and such).

  6. jodi_m Says:

    I budget $20 per month for clothes - but then again, I buy everything used (except for undergarments and swimsuits). If there are certain items I need, I'll put them on a birthday or Christmas list. I can't make myself fork over retail prices for clothes, especially when my taste in clothes changes all the time! it's baffling what people spend...

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