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More on the old books available online

July 4th, 2006 at 06:17 am

Retire@50, I didn't see Six Hundred Dollars a Year on Cornell's Hearth, but I did find it at another site! (They have it as part of a fiction collection, but it appears to be the right one.)

Text is www.letrs.indiana.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=wright2;idno=Wright2-2235 and Link is

I've started reading it myself and am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for mentioning the title.

BTW, I found it through
Text is www.digitalbookindex.com and Link is
www.digitalbookindex.com which lets you search across many online ebook collections. It worked where googling didn't.

Cheetahwoman7, the titles I'd been wanting to read again were:

Successful family life on the moderate income, by Mary W. Hinman Abel

The business of the household, by Clarence Taber

Family expense account, by Thirmuthis A. Brookman

Various titles by Christine Frederick

The homemaker and her job, by Lillian Gilbreth. She's the mother of the original Cheaper By The Dozen family. If anyone's interested in the Gilbreths, there's also a neat site about them, here:

Text is gilbrethnetwork.tripod.com/front.html and Link is

Well, now that I've veered completely off-topic (except that I'm talking about sources for free reading material), I guess I'd better go.

1 Responses to “More on the old books available online”

  1. retire@50 Says:

    Thanks, I sent an email to the Cornell site and they sent me the URL of the 600 hundred dollars a day book on that site. For some reason it doesn't find it in the search.

    I found another one on that site that I'm enjoying called Adventures in Thrift by Richardson, Anna Steese Sausser

    This is a great find for me. I really enjoy reading these old home economics books. Thanks for passing along the other sites.

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