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Happiness Units

May 27th, 2006 at 08:22 am

Does anyone else remember Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown? Smile

She has a chapter on money, and I always remember her saying to make sure and spend your money where you'll get the most Happiness Units in return.

Well, it's corny but it's a good point. I'm looking over my spending for the past year, trying to see where I haven't gotten enough happiness units for the money. Those are places that will be easy to cut.

The first obvious category is book/cd/dvd buying (exclusive of Netflix). I spent $132 and the shocking thing is, all but $33 of this was on mailing costs. Mostly for various swapping programs, which were supposed to save me money. The fact is, I sent a lot of stuff out and so far have gotten little in return.

I haven't bought a NEW book in over a year. I bought one DVD that was so obscure even Netflix didn't have it. The rest of the $33 was for used books, most of which I bought to try and sell (unsuccessfully).

So, although $132 is that much in the whole scheme of things, it really didn't buy me much of anything.

I'm going to budget $84 in the coming year (36% reduction), and try to get a lot more for the money. First priority will be trying to get something for the credits I've already earned at the swap sites.

2 Responses to “Happiness Units”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I did not read the book so this is the first Ive heard of Happiness Units..
    My perspective on 'happiness' has sure changed the last couple of years...used to be eating out for lunch everyday when I was working was high on the list....now, finding a great bargain at the grocery store is where most of my units would come from. (I have cut all but the barest frivulous spending)

    Where books are concerned...I am a library fan!

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    Oh my gosh, that book had a huge influence on me when I was young! But I don't even remember the happiness units. I remember she was the one that really got me started thinking about health and nutrition and exercise. She was way ahead of her time!

    I also remember her saying, don't buy anything you don't love, ESPECIALLY if you're on a budget. It's a question I still ask myself before buying.

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