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Spring Cleaning here too

May 17th, 2006 at 10:06 am

Unfortunately, Contrary1, I am my own housecleaner. ;( Lucky you.

Yesterday and today have been Flylady-type days.

Text is www.flylady.net and Link is

Yesterday I did my version of her Weekly Home Blessing, except I haven't done it for many a week. Also did two 27-fling boogies: 27 items of bad food thrown out from the kitchen and pantry, and 27 items of clutter moved out of the house for Goodwill, etc.

Today was a version of her crisis clean, where you work 15-minute segments in different areas. My sink is now shiny. Well, as shiny as a vintage 1970 avocado green sink can be at this point. Wink

Will be heading out for errands soon, including getting my hair cut and colored, doing one of the test drives, and getting to Goodwill. I'd still like to get more cleaning done, and get the tomato plants in, before heading back to the working world on Thursday night. But things are definitely looking better around here, which is quite a relief.

1 Responses to “Spring Cleaning here too”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I think my days are numbered here..........not sure if I can keep this luxury in the budget after I quit work. I've had some sort of help for the last few years, since a houseful of disabled teen boys left much to be desired on the clean & tidy front.

    I'm enjoying this and being properly grateful. I too, use Flylady principles, it helps a tone around here.

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