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Organizing on the cheap

March 10th, 2006 at 12:41 pm

I have a clothing problem right now, everything from needing some new things, to having messy piles of clothes around, to where I get dressed, to how I process the laundry and get it put away again. So I went on an organizing discussion board, where as usual people had some great ideas.

However, perfect solutions and great ideas can be expensive. Like hiring someone to build closets. So I'm trying to take the general principles people mentioned, and find the cheapest way to improve things that will do the job.

I keep thinking of the way I agonized over buying silverware a few months back. I went from thinking about spending $200+ on replacing missing pieces in "my pattern", to spending $10 at Target for just enough pieces to hold us between dishwasher loads. Getting to that solution took a long time and was *painful.*

For some reason, this time I haven't had as big a hump to get over about what's reasonable to spend and what isn't, and what's adequate to solve the problem. I know we're getting over $200 back on our taxes and some rebates, and I don't want to spend more than that. If that means a couple of new hampers and $25 assemble-it-yourself drawer units instead of built-in closets, so be it.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love those closets. And there was a time I'd feel like a lesser person if I couldn't afford them. But anymore, feeling like I'm in control financially feels better than almost anything I can think of spending money on. It's a big change in outlook for me, and I wanted to make note of it.

9 Responses to “Organizing on the cheap”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    Ha! I know what you mean about having clothing storage issues. My husband and I are minimalists when it comes to clothes (by choice due to lack of interest and money.) But, I have four daughters who are on the way opposite end of the clothing acquisition spectrum. Luckily, most of these clothes are free hand-me-downs and inexpensive thrift store finds. The bigger issue is how to keep them in an orderly, cheap manner.

    We have one daughter's system down pat. (It happens that she is my most organized one, so it is most likely her, rather than the system.) She actually takes her clean clothes and either hangs them or places them on the shelves of her cupboard (no closet in her room.) My youngest two share a room and closet. Years ago, we put in a plastic coated wire shelf system. I use plastic bins on the shelves for each type of clothing. Not too successful. I've also tried to let them come up with a way to keep their clothes neater. Well, let's just say, it's a continual work in progress. And I don't even want to mention my oldest's care and keeping of her clothes!

    So, I'm hoping you will post what you end up doing - I'll read it with great interest (and envy, if it works out!) Good luck!

  2. PrincessPerky Says:

    We spent about 200 to shelve our closets (whole hose) to our liking, it works

    We also have 4 'dirty laundry baskets' with diapers, darks, whites and towels, so I only osrt once a day (not sort out a load, dump rest in hamper, repeat for next load) They stack and fit under the bathroom counter (that was luck!)

    I have two clean laudry baskets for getting stuff out of the dryer, one has a blanket waiting for my babies nap time (he outgrew the bouncer!) the other is in use and emptied frequently, (like soon as I fill it if at all possible)

    I have decluttered so many clothes all the ones that I never wear, (wish I could do that with the ones DH doesn't wear!) I actually have room for them all!

    Most of the extra shelving is to actually store other stuff, not clothes (but I have a dresser per person in the house)

  3. parol Says:

    Kjempe kuuuul hjemmeside du har.

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