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Making a little more headway

August 22nd, 2018 at 11:09 am

I sold another little batch of stuff, this time to an antique dealer.

I got notice that I'm receiving a full refund on the blouse I'd bought for my mom on my credit card. (It didn't fit.) I paid for the return postage out of her funds.

I wrote to the developer of some software I'd bought a few months back, which turned out not to be usable on my computer. He was nice enough to send me a refund.

I cancelled my domain name registration, which was up for renewal. Back when I was trying to maintain a career, it seemed important to have a domain for my real name, and maintain a website. This was supposed to be a good idea to make sure when prospective employers google you, you have better control over what comes up on the search results. Plus, at my age, I felt it was important to show I wasn't technology-averse.

But I'm no longer looking for a job. Last year I let the web hosting lapse, but kept the vanity domain name for another year. This year I'm ready to let that go, too.

I received a $15 gift card for letting our health insurer do auto-billing to a credit card. I set that up so long ago, I'd almost forgotten about the offer. Now they've sent an email saying I can get a $50 gift card for filling out some kind of health assessment questionnaire. I guess I'll at least consider it, if the questions don't seem too intrusive.

With all these little un-budgeted bits of income and reduced expenses, I've been able to shift things around in my envelope budget in GoodBudget to fully fund my upcoming dental appointment and pay a doctor bill that came in the mail. I was almost ready to skip this dental visit and go back in the spring, if money was too tight.

Now I can concentrate on funding the Christmas envelope.

2 Responses to “Making a little more headway”

  1. snafu Says:

    Well done. Isn't it remarkable how small sums on their own are easily ignored or frittered away with small expenses like the cost of mailing a package. When tracked and attention to 'giving every dollar a job,' important goals become do-able. This summer I made it a goal to only grocery shop every other week with a list. The challenge turned out to be 'stick to the list.' If I forgot to add something to the list I had to figure out a substitute or change the meal plan.

    We had a few sets of unanticipated visitors and I ended up going to a specialty shop to make nice desserts rather than plain fruit to support the plain jane meals that were on my meal list. This is the 1st year we've ever had hot weather. Everyone was ok with primarily vegan meals.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    What is that slogan, watch the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves or something like that? Glad you are getting some things refunded and finding extra cash here and there.

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