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Day of little money tasks

August 16th, 2018 at 03:59 pm

I faxed a letter to our new mortgage company this morning, because I now distrust what I might be told over the phone. I've specified that I want a refund of our extra payment for August, rather than having it applied towards principal. The automatic payment did finally kick in, but only after I sent them a money order as instructed on the phone.

I also made a stop at Big Lots. They have a deal where you get a $5 coupon after every three visits, and it doesn't seem to matter how little you purchase each time. So whenever I'm in the area, I run in and at least check out their clearance grocery shelf. No $1 Triscuits or Archway cookies today, so I just picked up a jar of regular price capers for $1.50.

There's a Shoprite nearby so I picked up a few (sale) items my regular store was out of this week.

Mainly, I was in the area to sell a couple of old gold chains to a jewelry store for scrap value. I'm continuing to use GoodBudget (an envelope budgeting system), and it's helping me see how tight things really are. There's a DVD set my husband and I both want to get, but the money's just not there in the Misc. envelope right now. If we're going to get it, I have to find extra money somewhere. I'm not going to spend down our savings for something like that.

I need to declutter anyway. But my method in recent years has been to donate items rather than try to sell them. It's faster, and much less hassle. But right now we could use the money. I'm thinking of creating a separate new email account just to use for Craigs List for privacy reasons.

3 Responses to “Day of little money tasks”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good idea to create a separate account. And hope you can find some buyers for your items. Be careful though when you meet people. Our local police station has a spot out front just for that purpose. Find a safe place to meet your buyers.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Wow, I used to go to BigLots. I'll check if there's one near me now. That's a really good deal.

  3. StressLess Says:

    CB, you have to sign up for their rewards program and give them the barcode thingie to scan each time.

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