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Take An Action: July 18

July 19th, 2018 at 10:46 am

One of the books that helped me before was the one by Jerrold Mundis about getting out of debt. I quoted it here before, back in 2005; here's the quote again:

"Fish lay thousands of eggs. Only a tiny percentage of these ever hatch--yet there are a lot of fish around. If I take ten actions and only three work, I've still made three gains I couldn't have if I'd simply sat around wishing something were different. It's taking action that counts."

Last night I read through all my old entries. It was a help to see the kinds of things I tried before to improve our situation. So I'm going to start recording the actions I'm taking this time around, for accountability and so I can go back and see it later on. Here are some things I've done over the past few days:

--Cancelled my gym membership
--Used a $5 coupon for school supplies at Staples, on two rolls of Scotch magic tape. They ended up totally free.
--Got my gas at BJ's Wholesale (cheapest near me)
--Used a $5 off $15 coupon at Big Lots on groceries. Some of the items I got were Triscuits on the clearance shelf, marked down to $1 a box.
--Ordered a pizza online to get an online-only deal.
--Downloaded some free digital magazine issues through the library
--At Walmart, took advantage of a deal on diet ginger ale. It was $1 per 2-liter bottle. Hang-tag coupons on the bottles were for $2 off when you bought 3. So each bottle cost 33 cents. Full price at Shoprite is $1.69.

2 Responses to “Take An Action: July 18”

  1. starfishy Says:

    that's a very helpful quote - thanks for sharing and good luck with your efforts! Smile

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I firmly believe every little bit helps!

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