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Coke Rewards, Pepsi Points, Musselman's, and Stauffer's

September 4th, 2013 at 09:26 am

Today I signed up at both

Text is mycokerewards.com and Link is
mycokerewards.com and
Text is points.pepsi.com and Link is
points.pepsi.com. I keep seeing people talk about the Coke rewards over at Fatwallet.com. I've always found that site a good guide to what's worthwhile pursuing, so I thought I'd give it a try. The Pepsi one I'd never actually heard of, but I like Pepsi One and thought I'd see if they had some kind of rewards program.

What I think is odd, is that Coke actually rewards you for buying their products, and Pepsi only rewards you for looking at their websites and such. Frankly, we've been bigger Pepsi than Coke drinkers over the years, and I'm kind of annoyed at how their rewards are set up. They basically don't seem to care how much Pepsi I buy, they just want me to waste time on their website and Facebook page. I have to say, it really makes me inclined to buy Fresca more often!

We buy Musselman's applesauce anyway, and I recently stumbled upon an offer where you save UPCs for a $10 gift card.
Text is http://musselmans.com/news/optionsGiftCard.aspx and Link is

My mother loves Stauffer's gingersnaps, and I buy them sometimes, too, so I was glad to find their rewards program.
Text is http://www.stauffers.com/free-stuff and Link is
http://www.stauffers.com/free-stuff You can get coupons, a t-shirt, gift cards, etc., for saving UPCs.

Today's money-saving activities

September 2nd, 2013 at 06:28 am

Downloaded songs from Freegal.
Downloaded the Amazon Local app, but then couldn't do Audible.com $10 deal I'd read about because it's only for new customers.
Loaded new Shoprite ecoupons onto my Price Plus card.
Printed out coupons from All You magazine's website, Kimberly-Clark (at pickupthevalues.com), and pillsbury.com.
Printed out a hair salon coupon from the Citi Easy Deals credit card reward program, and also bought a Restaurant.com gift card at 90% off there.
Made a big pot of mashed potatoes to use up some potatoes. Some are in the fridge for tomorrow, some are frozen for later.
Used up some eggs by hard-boiling a couple, and using one in corn muffins, which I froze.
We are using up a slightly-outdated can of La Choy chow mein for tonight's dinner. I always keep one on hand for emergencies, and then forget about it. I only thought of it today because of this recent news story:

Text is http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3060032/posts and Link is

Cheap, Cheerful and Cheesy - Week 1

September 1st, 2013 at 06:13 pm

I guess because fall is almost here, I just remembered a little project I wanted to try. I want to get into the habit of making grilled cheese sandwiches more often, by making a different type of grilled cheese sandwich every week for, dare I say, a year? That's what people seem to do with these sorts of projects, like here: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/

So, why do this at all, and why keep track of it here? Basically, because I think it will help our food budget. It's something I can throw together in a hurry and use up little bits of things, instead of ordering take-out. It helps that last winter I bought a little Proctor-Silex sandwich maker like the one pictured. We are only a two-person household so the size is fine. Once it's heated you put the sandwiches in for 3 minutes and they come out perfectly.

from: http://www.proctorsilex.com/products/sandwich-makers-sandwich-maker-model-25401p.php

Today's entry:

Light wheat bread, buttered
Provolone cheese (the only sliced cheese we had on hand)
Low fat ham
Honey mustard
Apple slices as a side munchie instead of chips

(I don't have any connection with Proctor-Silex, I paid for the sandwich maker myself, and all I will be getting out of this project are some cheap, tasty meals!)