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Coffee makers - not Made In China

January 30th, 2008 at 08:20 am

A few months back, I read the book "A Year without Made in China." One thing that stuck with me was how impossible it was for the author to find a new coffee maker that wasn't made in China. I wondered if it were really true. Well, our cheapo 18-month-old coffee maker just died so I decided to find out for myself. I'd written about it here:

Text is http://stressless.savingadvice.com/2006/05/01/kissing-and-coffeepots_7883/ and Link is

It's not that I'm completely anti-China. I have some clothes that are extremely well-made, that I love. But I'm tired of buying appliances that die after a year or so. It's bad for the environment, and it's a hassle to have to shop again. And since we drink so much coffee, I don't want to use things made from Chinese metal, which I've read often have toxic impurities in them.

The only stand-alone, electric appliance type I could find that were made in America are by Bunn. The info I found was from 2004, so it may no longer be so. They cost $100 and up. But even American-made electronic parts fail eventually, and I'd like to reclaim some counter space.

If you can get used to boiling water on the stove to make your coffee, and don't need to make a potful, there's the Aerobie Aeropress. If you need to make it by the pot, it appears the 6-cup manual Melitta system is made in the USA. I'll know for sure, either when I hear back from customer service, or mine is delivered. I ordered mine directly from Melitta USA's website, and it came to about $15, shipped.

If you're willing to branch out to other countries, there are French press pots made in Germany, stove-top drip systems from Italy, it looks like the 10-cup manual Melitta is made in Canada, and there's the Eva coffee brewer from Denmark.

If you know of other ones, please do leave the info as a comment.

I know from past experience that the glass carafe for the Melitta isn't going to last forever--we always seem to break them eventually. So I'm still looking for a stove-top all-metal system that doesn't require ongoing filter purchases. I saw some intriguing vintage coffee pots on Ebay, and would like to get one eventually. I was excited to see a aluminum stove-top Dripolator at Vermont Country Store, very similar to some vintage ones on Ebay--but then I saw the same thing at Fantes.com, where they said it was... made in China. So I think I'll go for a vintage one to have in reserve.

Next time--kettles!

46 Responses to “Coffee makers - not Made In China”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    If you don't mind "interacting" with your coffee a little bit, you can buy or make cotton fabric cones suspended from a wire handle, forming a fabric sieve. You put the coffee in the cone, pour boiling water through it and catch the coffee that streams though in your cup or pot. Really simple. If you like you coffee strong, just pour it through twice--actually easier to twice-brew by this method than most.

  2. mulyanto Says:

    I'm not necessarily against "made in China". The quality can be just as good as "made in US". I just think it's *better* for the US economy if we would buy more "Made in US".

  3. Nic Says:

    If something, anything is made in a foreign country and it's far below standard, I personally feel it's the fault of the AMERICAN manufacturer that sent our jobs overseas. They did that to get CHEAP labor. Well, along w/the cheap labor you also get tainted food,lead in the paint of toys,tainted dog food,tainted medicines and absolutely no quality control. And what does the American manufacturer do? Oops, we're sorry. Return it for your money back. But the damage has already been done. BOYCOTT the AMERICAN manufacturer that is providing the substandard items YOU are buying.

  4. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I have a french press, a moka pot, and one of the vintage stove top perkers. I use them all and love them all! Oh yeah, gimme vintage coffee makers or gimme.. umm, Starbucks?

    Joan's suggestion is good, too. That makes good coffee.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Just keep in mind that ALL the coffee you drink is grown, in other countries almost always by "cheap labor." And USA manufacturers have not always been angels when it comes to purity, safety, and telling the truth about their products either. Slowly our laws have changed to help protect us from that, but still it is not all on the up & up. Being careful about what you buy is always a good idea, including when it was made in your own country.

  6. reflectionite Says:

    i would have to say that for me, i have never had a problem with things being made in specific countries, as much as i do about the particular quality of the brands which i buy. just because something is made in china doesnt mean anything really, there are millions of companies that outsource their labour; it's cheaper. even good quality brands do it. it's just their standards that you have to look out for. as in, the company standards, not china standards.

    i have never used a plunger coffee maker (too weak!) or one of those drippy things, or even the paper cone things. i have always used either a plug-in-the-wall coffee machine (made in china, lasted 4 years and counting and only cost $60) or a stove top percolater (my one is made in italy - cost around $20 and the only thing you have to replace is the rubber ring on the inside).

    my advice with coffee machines (or any appliance) is to make sure they have some sort of warranty.
    anyway hope i helped.

  7. katwoman Says:

    I own a Bunn coffeemaker and use it EVERYDAY.

    Mine is the expensive thermal carafe type. Runs about $139-$149. That is, if it was in the box with all the parts. Turns out the one I bought was a display model found on the endcap of a Target store, no box, no warranty papers, and missing a few parts. Marked down to $45. So I bought it.

    Knowing Bunn is one of those American companies that are proud of the products they manufacture I called them up and explained about the missing parts. All they needed were the serial numbers on the bottom of the machine and my address. Viola, parts were sent at no cost to me and I get to drink great (organic) coffee everyday.

  8. Sandie Says:

    I have no doubt that many products made in China are fine, work well and are worth the money. My problem is that China is not America's best friend and I fear what they can do to weaken us by their intentional 'slip ups' Lead poisoning causes brain damage in children, for example. I, too, have been looking for a reasonably priced Coffee maker made in America to no avail, but I certainly appreciate the ideas found on this page. America needs jobs and manufacturing must return to help the economy. If enough people refused to buy 'China Made' they might consider coming back.

  9. Sam Kenny Says:

    I have been searching for weeks to find an automatic coffee maker not made in China. I asked customer service at Amazon what small 6 cup makers were made in USA and while I couldn't verify it from the product listing they gave me two, but both are large (small resturant style) and currently priced at $250 each

    I appreciate this blog and the suggestions. I'm with ya'll. Thanks Sandie for her reasons for not buying from China. Many factories are full of 12 year old working 16 hour shifts. While some products from China are well much of the economy based on slave labor.

    I have heard credible stories of intentional slip ups (lead dust sprinkled in herbs sent overseas so they weigh more/can charge more). Some of the intentional slip ups may not even be directed at the USA but in protest of the Chinese government.

    Standards for metal alloys are lax too. My rule is not to buy anything I put in my mouth from China. It's getting harder and harder. I noticed that several brands of tinned Oysters are now farm-raised in China. And many kitchen appliance cords are made with Lead.

    Best of Luck!

  10. Dave Says:

    I decided to take pity on you all and offer a gourmet, organic, instant herbal coffee alternative to help in your decision process. We can put our coffee up against Starbuck's or anyone's $3 to $4 coffee @ about a buck a cup. It is delicious and acid free,rich arabian coffee and its instant in its little packets,so no more buying coffee makers every couple of years.


  11. Kevin Sinnott Says:

    While I don't always indentify country of origin in reviews, I review many coffee brewers ( www.coffeecompanion.com ) and the following are make outside China.

    Aero Press - U.S.
    Bodum - Mostly Europe, but check individual model
    Braun - Czech Republic and Germany
    Bunn-O-Matic - U.S. and Canada
    Chemex - Germany and Taiwan
    Krups (Moka model) - France, discontinued by still widely available.
    Technivorm - Holland

  12. Rachelslamb Says:

    Thanks to Kevin Sinnot. I've been trying for months to find a stainless steel french press that is not made in China! I've heard some credible stories too. Evidently China too willing to use junk metal, leaded or not in cookware. I appreciate the legwork already done and will check out some of the name brands that Kevin suggested.

  13. Katrina Says:

    I found this site by googling "coffeemakers not made in China". Kevin Sinnot's comment is helpful. I live in Canada, bought PC coffeemaker from Loblaws Oct. 2006 (made in China). Makes real good coffee, looks great, but it stopped working in March 2008, the heating element did not come on, the clock worked. I did get a replacement from Loblaws, got happily back into my good coffee. Now about a week ago it stopped working again, now the clock goes off too. No point in getting a replacement. I'd like one that lasts a few years. It's not like I use it constantly, either, just once a day, it should last longer, I think.

  14. Dorothy Says:

    I too have been searching tirelessly for a stainless steel French Press that is NOT made in China. I bought a Frieling French Press believing it was German, then found out it too was made in the "PRC" (People's Republic of China). I found a stainless steel Bodum French Press, again that too is made in China. There are 3 main reasons I will NOT buy any products from China--1) Safety 2) Environmental (buy locally-within US) and 3) Human Rights Violations.

    Also, I buy only American produced coffee from Hawaii. For thos interested here are but a few places that offer Hawaiian coffee:

  15. Sam Says:

    I purchased a Braun series KF 590 drip system in November 2006. It is manufactured by Braun in the Czech Republic. Granted it isn't made in Germany like I had hoped but it is better than China in my opinion. 2 years of heavy use later and it is still running strong.

  16. Tambra Jarvis-Stout Says:

    I have been a label reader for 20 years plus. My friends use to laugh at me. I too will not purchse products from China for the same reasons that Dorothy listed. Safety, Human rights, The environment & the loss of jobs and sturdy product once made in the U.S.

    If, Americans would net work once a month, every month, getting the word out via the internet, ceasing all purchases of China made junk (often dangerous) we may drive our point home.

    I have been looking for clothes pins not made in China for over two years. I have a friend going to Italy for the summer. She has agreed to hopfully bring back a surplus of clothes pins for me. I am also searching for a new coffee maker. I thank you for the tips.

  17. Basil Says:

    My Mr Coffee maker failed in less than 6 months and it's made in China. It shorted out from a very small amount of coffee getting past the base plate from the defective sneak a pot valve below the basket. I E-mailed Mr Coffee about the failure, but they didn't reply, (there support in probably in India and is deluged with complaints) Mr Coffee makers of twenty years ago, would last five years or more; an expected time of usage for a moderatly priced appliance, however, that is no longer the case. I am willing to spend about 100 dollars for a made in America base model Bunn. A unit that will last longer than 6 months, and from a company that will stand behind there product.

  18. Patriot Says:

    If you buy Chinese junk, you hate America. End of story. Buy American.

  19. Chinastinks Says:

    I too am looking for an American made coffee maker. Great blog comments have directed me to Bunn where I'm sure I'll get a good maker that isn't built in a Chinese sweat shop and make out of U.S.-poisoning materials. For several reasons I buy American whenever I can and as a previous blogger pointed out, the greedy manufacturers that wanted quick bucks and shipped jobs and profits to China and India are to blame for most of the mess. What really amazes me is stores like #1 retailer Wal-Mart once built its reputation on buy American and now nothing in their stores is made outside of China and third world countries. What a great retailer for our country.

  20. batman Says:

    trying to find a grinder brewer making a minimum of 6 cups and have no luck finding anything no made in China. Bunn seems to have gone to china and we're pinning our hopes on kaloric waiting to hear from the company

  21. Tim Davis Says:

    It's 10/18/09 and I was at Target today hoping to buy an American made coffee maker. No such luck I turned every machine upside down and side to side hoping to find the words Made In America but to no avail, every blanking one was made in China including the Bunn they had. I do not buy anything from Wal Mart anymore in the hopes of bringing jobs back to this once great nation. I live in Ohio and most of the manufacturing jobs there have been sent over seas because Wal Mart will not buy American made products because they offer superior quality but higher prices and they will only sell the cheapest posible products they can find, which are all made in china for obvious reasons. I know I'm just one person but I believe this country will come back and be strong again because I believe even the so called Giant Super Mogul Marts will someday get a conscious and see that the only one employing people in this country is Wal Mart. People lets get together and make America great again and put it's great people back to work PLEASE BUY AMERICAN, even if it is a little more expensive.

  22. The Watchdog Says:

    Reasons for boycotting Chinese made products:
    1. Approximately 1% of all Chinese made products are made by prisoners, at least half of whom are political prisoners. No country in the world can compete with a salary of three bowls of rice a day and all the water you can drink.
    2. China’s does not abide by accepted environmental and safety standards. Pollution is so bad, for example, that an American sales rep told me one could not see the sun rise in Shanghai. Over 1000 people were killed in mining accidents in 2004 and
    approximately 1000 in 2005. In any other civilized country mines would be shut
    down until safety issues were corrected.
    3. The yen is tied to the dollar rather than floating independently and it is undervalued by about 40% making Chinese goods forty percent cheaper than they should be relative to the U.S. dollar. When the value of the dollar rises foreign goods (including Chinese) become cheaper but the cost of American goods to foreigners rises. The token response of the Chinese this year to correct this by about 10% is an insult.
    4. The Chinese government takes about 60% of the profits of “private” Chinese companies for government use, which is primarily military. China has the capability now of delivering nuclear warheads to North America…and we are helping that cause by buying Chinese goods. If you think China’s goal of landing on the moon in 2025 is to simply put a flag there – think again.
    5. The regime of Hu Jintao, China’s president, controls all media (see a CBS report re: free access of reporters in coverage of the Olympics) and controls the Internet limiting access to information sites.
    6. In the past decade about 4000 prisoners were executed a year, mostly political prisoners. Since 1975 approximately 200,000 prisoners have been executed…not unlike Saddam Hussein… the difference is we invaded Iraq to liberate the country and at the same time granted China “Most Favored Nation” trading status. What’s wrong with this picture? In less than 10 years China will be our biggest competitor for Middle Eastern oil…and we will have bankrolled their military
    7. China holds about 70% of our foreign debt, which means they would create havoc in our economy if they demanded payment. A Chinese owned company, by the way, operates San Diego harbor and is responsible for maintenance of the Panama Canal.
    8. American manufacturer’s move to China have cost the American worker 2.7 million manufacturing jobs since 2000…replaced by “service” sector jobs. Ten of China’s Top 40 “exporters” to the US are American companies. When a big deal is made of us exporting a product (like GE locomotives) to China read the rest of the story – only part of the product is made in America. By Chinese government regulation a significant percentage of it must be produced in China. Have you wondered how trade secrets are stolen? By the way, cars identical to GM products are produced in China for Chinese people by Chinese corporations – the vehicle having been copied to the finest detail for production purposes. Wonder why GM had a cardiac arrest? And speaking of that, multiple deaths of cardiac patients in US and Europe for heparin made in China, fake anti-malarial drugs sold in third world countries, toothpaste contamination from diethylene glycol, dimethyl fumarate contamination of leather sofas in the UK resulting in a $14.3 million settlement by British retailers, etc.,etc.
    These are just some of the reasons I boycott Chinese made products.
    I may be drinking instant coffee for a while but thanks to the information provided above I am confident that I will eventually find a coffee maker not made in China.

  23. Jyo.........ti Says:

    Grindmaster is another American company making coffee machines. www.grindmaster.com

  24. MadeInChina sux Says:

    Just bought a brand new Krups coffee maker because the old one started leaking after nearly 8 years. The brand new one leaked the first time I put water in it. Of course, it's made in China. A good German name ruined by cheap Chinese labor. I'll bet the Mexicans are pissed because our old one was made in Mexico. Unfortunately, the accountants run all the companies and don't care about producing a quality product. The bottom line is all that matters. It's the same reason Dell Computer sucks now. Their tech support used to be US-based and stellar, now it's all overseas and crappy.

  25. davidbaer Says:

    Its all about chasing shadows.
    By that I mean latching on to this or that latest, most innovative idea that some self styled money making guru has put out in the hope it’ll go viral and make them a lot of money off the backs of all the headless chickens who will follow them blindly down a blind alley. Its a shame but a truism nonetheless that people will follow where someone they see as an expert leads. Even if they lead them to certain disaster, which is what most of the gurus tend to do to their flocks.
    The trick is to recognize a shadow when you see it!

  26. buy coffee makers Says:

    for me.. made of china things are no-no.. and since i always drinking coffee,i also dont want my coffee maker things made from China..

  27. Made in USA only Says:

    Just got off phone with Greg @ Bunn, parts are made in China, and then assembled in IOWA. Checking Grindmaster now. We have all got to stop supporting other countries and support our on House. A House devided will not stand….

  28. Made in USA only Says:

    Just got off phone with Grindmaster and parts and pot are made in USA. Cool, vendor in Texas is Luftus….

  29. Kevin Sinnott Says:

    While I think Grindmaster makes a fine product, they really don't currently manufacture a consumer machine. If we open up to commercial units as possibilities, we should consider other commercial manufacturers such as Bloomfield, who make pourover restaurant-style brewers. Unfortunately, many consumers either don't have the space or the consumption to justify the expense and space taken by these larger brewers. Also, they really use a lot of grounds. People like me who buy the best beans, would be throwing away coffee using a twelve-cup brewer when I drink at most two cups of coffee at a sitting.

  30. Darren Zemanek Says:

    I just purchased a Grindmaster Precision Brew single cup brewing system, thinking it is made in the USA. It turns out it is manufactured in PRC (People's Republic of China), at least that is what is listed on the box. It says it is designed and engineered in the USA. So, not sure about how much, if any, is made in the USA.

  31. Kevin Sinnott Says:

    A previous poster said they were unable to find grinders not made in China. Baratza is making grinders in Italy, Germany, although some housing and finish work appears to be in Taiwan. Also, Krups makes their very fine Moka coffee brewer in France. I believe some Capresso drip brewers are made in Portugal. The country of manufacture is most often inscribed on the brewer's bottom plate.

  32. Sara Says:

    We just bought a 109.00 coffee maker from Bunn at christmas. We had used it once and the decanter was spilling on the coffee all over. They sent us a new one in one day. We used it for a few months then it died. I brought out my old black and decker and it died too after three pots. So, I asked for a replacement from bunn, and they gave me one in two days. I turned it on. It leaks water all over.
    Dont buy Bunn. Find an old vintage one like the gals say. Im tired of it. I have four to five old ones and what are you supposed to do with them? Bunn is made in china. The quality control is terrible. What a shame because it used to be a fine company.

  33. Jordan Says:

    Well, this is an old article but very relevant. I'm also presently looking for an American or German made French Press. Turns out I can't find one as even the Frieling presses are made in China now, and people are starting to complain about the quality. Now you may not have a problem with the Chinese, but I almost hate that country, and the corporations that moved their factories over there.

    They may produce Apple Imac's that aren't bad, but most of the less expensive consumer products are pure sh!t. Lately I have also been trying to buy all American and it's practically impossible. Anyone can say what they want and call me a bigot or racist, but the fact is I want to help this country stay afloat, and if that means spending more money, so be it.

  34. Kevin Says:

    Okay, this thread survives. There are a few choices if you don't wish to use a coffeemaker made in China. The Technivorm is made in Holland, or the Netherlands if you prefer. It is also a coffeemaker that will last twenty years or longer. If you must by a US coffeemaker, there are no current choices known to me. I'll keep an eye out.

  35. VJ Says:

    In 2008, I saw the International Humane Society video of Chinese slaughtering cats and dogs to sell their fur. Great Britain outlawed buying fur from China starting New Year's Day 2009. Do you hear of that in the United States? Well, I did, but no one else I asked did. That is one of the reasons I call the USA "The Arse-End of the Free World".

    Then we get people who natter on about human rights, and I bring up cruelty toward other life that matters.

    I spent hours and days buying work boots not made in CHina. I have a waterproof breathable bicycle jacket made in Oregon. I buy Wigwam socks online.

  36. Pigbitin Mad Says:

    I will go out of my way to not buy crap made in China. Many times it is impossible, but I am usually willing to do without something entirely rather than purchase something made in China. This is why I am very very angry about this supposedly U.S. Made Viking Coffee maker failing so miserably. It was around $300 a year ago and I didn't care, because I thought it would last a long time.

    I don't know what to do anymore. I might just have to stop drinking coffee altogether. And to the poeple who manufacture this junk. Please stop including the feature where you can "interrupt" the brewing process (usually it is some sort of cheap plastic valve that breaks or doesn't work correctly). It is always a huge disaster resulting in coffee all over the counter and the kitchen floor. If people can't wait 5 minutes for the brewing process to finish they should all just "EFF" off. Sick of all this $#!T. What I would like is to get my $300 back. What a complete RIP OFF.

    Oh, and did I mention that we did not even come close to getting through a box of filters before it konked out? No. REALLY VERY ANGRY.

    I am so sick of EVERYTHING being made in China. I mean, I read every label on everything I buy. And anytime I get a gift I read the label. EVERYTHING is made in China. And yes, it is the reason that the entire economy sucks. How can it not be. When will the Guillotines start rolling?

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