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Auto mechanic rant

September 14th, 2006 at 08:08 am

We've started taking our cars to our next door neighbor, since he seems to do good work and his prices are very reasonable.


I called him earlier in the week and asked if he could work on DH's car on Wednesday, which would have been convenient for me. He said no, Thursday would be better. Not so good for me, but I said ok.

Thursday morning has come. DH and I got up early to move work stuff from his car into mine, so he could use my car. I went to take the keys to DH's car to the neighbor, and he told me he had to do something about a horse trailer and would be back for the car in about an hour.

It's been 3 hours, and no sign of him. I'd hoped the work would be almost done by now!

Geez. He could have called to cancel, or stopped by to tell me there would be a delay. Or that he couldn't do it today after all. I have errands of my own to do, and things to meet my mother about. I also have to be at work by 5 p.m. If I'd known he wasn't going to work on it this morning, I could have planned to do errands early. Instead I'm sitting here feeling trapped waiting for him, and stewing!

I like paying less for car repairs, but is it worthwhile if it wastes so much of my time?

1 Responses to “Auto mechanic rant”

  1. fern Says:

    Sounds like he was treating your business more casually than other customers' becus you are neighbors. Kind of reminds me ofwhat ofen happens when you lend money to family or friends; they somehow think they can let things 'slide' a bit becus they know you.

    I would let him know, in a nice way, all you said here and how it's inconvenienced you. See if he can expedite things and if not, he's been put on notice for the future and just go elsewhere for your car repairs.

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