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Good news and bad news

June 18th, 2005 at 04:37 pm

Good news--We saved quite a bit on some car repairs because DH's friend was able to do it today as a side job.

Bad news--It still cost us $200, and we already put out $130 this month for another problem on the same car. It is still going to need 2 new tires and an alignment, when we can afford it.

Bad news--I thought I felt warm today because I was wearing jeans; all my shorts were in the laundry. But we finally figured out the central a/c isn't working. It's constantly blowing air and not cycling off; and the air coming out isn't cold.

Good news--At least we got through the heat wave earlier in the week. It's tolerable right now without the a/c. And we have a window unit upstairs in the bedroom, so we have a place to retreat and we'll be able to sleep comfortably.

Bad news--The ants are marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah... Across our kitchen floor. They aren't marching in a nice, orderly line but are scattered all over the floor. The only way I've figured out to battle them so far is mopping them up every few hours. I need to find something non-toxic (and cheap) to control them, so the dog and cat can't get hurt if they investigate.

Good news--At least they haven't worked their way up to the countertops!

I'm trying to stay positive and feel grateful for the good rather than focus on the bad. But darn it, I keep feeling like we're sliding backwards instead of making progress. I had cut enough from our budget so we were within $500 of having a positive cash flow for the next year. I'd figured on about $200 a month for contingencies, unexpected things like repairs and such. We're way over that already this month before the a/c even gets looked at, and there is a lot more month to get through. So I'm back well over $500 I need to find somewhere, to keep us in the black.

I keep looking for more ways to raise some extra money, and also ways to save. I found a consignment store near us, and found out how it works. I might as well get money for things I'm getting rid of, instead of just giving things to Goodwill. I got the names of some places that may buy aluminum cans by the pound. I signed up for one of those membership programs where you can buy gift cards at 20% discount. (Lots of info on this on fatwallet.com.) I'm determined to do it right, i.e., order all the gift cards I can right away, then cancel before the monthly membership charges start. I've put books and CDs up for sale on Amazon that I wouldn't have been willing to part with before.

I know we are very lucky. On another board I read, a woman just posted about starting a new life--in a homeless shelter. It makes you think. And I know positive results will come eventually. But right now I'm not doing too well at keeping my chin up.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ants don't like cucumber peels. Just spread them around, and the ants walk way out of their way to avoid them.

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