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Long distance, again

February 9th, 2007 at 04:38 pm

Has anyone else tried to add minutes to their AT&T prepaid calling card lately?

I just went to do so, and discovered that their rates for in-state calls in NJ are tripling! It's even worse in some other states--up to 8x the cost of out-of-state calls. Be careful out there!

Text is www.consumer.att.com/prepaidcard/fy/terms.html and Link is

I've had a system going, with Pioneer Telephone for out-of-state calls, and the AT&T phone card from Sam's for in-state calls as it was a bit cheaper per minute than Pioneer. Now I don't know whether to bother getting a different phone card, or just make all the calls through Pioneer. It's 4.5 cents/minute instate, and 2.9 cents for out of state calls.

Is it worthwhile to sign up with OneSuite to get 2.9 cents in-state, and save a mere $10 to $15 a year? Another account to worry about, another set of user names and passwords. Still debating, but right now I'm thinking not.

2 Responses to “Long distance, again”

  1. Squantum Says:

    I've used OneSuite for years and like it. If you use the local access number, it is only 2.5 cents a minute, and international calling is also very cheap. I have no idea how much ATT costs, though.

  2. nance Says:

    I have used the Sam's calling cards for all in-state and out-of-state long distance calls. I have not found anything cheaper. I cancelled AT&T because their fees are ridiculously high.
    Most of the time I use my cell phone for long distance calls on weekends. Weekend minutes are unlimited on my T Mobile plan.

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